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MY VERY OWN® Baby Rattle


MY VERY OWN® Rattle: Pleasing Babies & their Grownups Since 1979


    MY VERY OWN® Rattle is handcrafted from a single piece of Rock Maple. The rings are not put on separately. Unlike any other wooden rattle, it is a single piece at all times, not cut apart and re-glued.

    It is simply superior to all other rattles and teething toys: more beautiful, more durable, correctly designed, and superbly well crafted. This Classic Vermont Handcrafted Infant Rattle will be an Heirloom in your Family. There is none other like it in the whole world.

    There is no paint, lacquer, or oil on MY VERY OWN®Rattle, so Baby can chew safely on the friendly Maple wood. And natural, unfinished wood has been shown to limit the growth of germs. With all the fuss about plastic teethers, phthalates, etc., it is the obvious choice for a safe and natural infant toy. This is the rattle that the family keeps for the next generation!

         MY VERY OWN® Rattle meets or exceeds all Federal and European safety standards. It is not subject to the mandatory requirements for testing for Lead and Phthalates required by CPSIA2008, because the product to be used by a child is unfinished, untreated, natural wood, unaltered from its natural state. As a Small Batch product (CPSC Registration Number 018102-022016), it is exempt from annual testing for mechanical hazard.

Ribbon color is white.

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Q: How should I clean MY VERY OWN®? Is it sterile?

A: Wiping thoroughly with alcohol is the preferred method, since it will affect the surface polish much less than water. Alcohol is an effective germicide, much better than "antibacterials", which promote the evolution of resistant strains of bacteria. We recommend 91% Propyl Alcohol (pharmaceutical grade, or “drugstore” alcohol).

     If the rattle is extremely dirty, it may be necessary to rinse with water and rub dry, and then clean with alcohol.

     One of our customers suggested using 100 proof Vodka, which is a fairly strong alcohol-water mixture. Vodka is made to drink, so it is "food-safe", but of course it would not be good for a baby to ingest it. Once the vodka has evaporated and the rattle is dry, the rattle is perfectly safe for teething.

     After cleaning with alcohol, rub firmly with clean cotton cloth to restore some of the shine. Let it dry thoroughly before returning to child.

     *Do not use rubbing alcohol, “hardware store” denatured alcohol, antibacterials, or soap.

     *Do not allow rattle to soak.

     *Do not put rattle in oven or otherwise apply heat.


Q:  Isn't it too big and heavy?  What if baby hits himself?
A: This is mostly a question of baby's age. The most important thing is the child's level of neuromotor maturity. 
     We have seen children as young as 4 months with sufficient motor control to enjoy MY VERY OWN® Rattle. We have also seen healthy babies who did not mature to this level until ten months, who as adults make more money than we do. 
     If the child has good control of his arms and hands, he won't hit himself. If he does so accidentally, he may be startled, but no harm is done, and something will be learned. 
     Healthy babies do not deliberately injure themselves. The most important thing is the child's level of neuromotor maturity. If he has good control of his arms and hands, he won't hit himself. If he does so accidentally, he may be startled, may even cry, but no harm is done, and something will be learned. See  for a more in-depth explanation 


Q: Will it come apart, especially if it gets wet? 
 MY VERY OWN® Rattle is made from a single piece of wood, so it can't come apart. 
Water will not hurt the Rattle. Moisture, however, will dull the polish of the new rattle. There is no lacquer, wax, or oil - the shine is just very fine sanding. 
     Do not soak the rattle! It will not come apart, but will need to be dried slowly to prevent cracking.

Q:  Do babies like it?  It's just plain wood.  Babies like bright colors.
A:  The experience of MY VERY OWN® Rattle is primarily tactile, not just for babies, but even for adults. Pick one up and feel it.  See what we mean? Older babies (around 10 months and up) enjoy watching the rings as they move them.  
     Infants prefer MY VERY OWN(R)Rattle because of the textural complexity.  The appeal of the Rattle for an infant is only partially visual, which is why color or the lack of it is not an issue.   
     Since most adults live in a world which is almost exclusively visual and auditory, they (both infant development professionals and the lay public) tend to neglect tactile sensory development. The moving rings and complex textures encourage tactile learning, which doesn't always get the emphasis it deserves in a child's development.